Is Credit Repair Legal?

Yes, credit repair is legal and our credit education and document processing services will help you to use the law in your favor. That law is called “The Fair Credit Reporting Act.” The FCRA gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If that item cannot be verified within a reasonable time (usually 30 days) it must be removed.

Studies have shown that 79% of all credit reports contain errors. This is nearly 8 out of 10 reports. Therefore, most credit reports improve immediately. For items that are disputed that are not errors, a creditor or furnisher is often unable to find the records or signed documents within the allotted time and the item gets removed. Sometimes the furnisher will say it has been verified by not offering proof. It is our job to prepare documents that challenge this and we are very skilled at that.

The reason that many people believe credit repair is not legal is because there are disreputable people or organizations out there that offer to “repair” your credit, but when you look into their services, they are actually trying to get you involved in identity fraud. Any “credit repair” service that tells you that they can get you a new social security number or an entirely new credit identity is not actually a credit repair service. That type of behavior is absolutely illegal. Not only will it not help you improve your credit, but participating in it could result in significant legal consequences for you. Therefore, whether you choose to go with Emerald Credit Solutions or another credit repair organization, be sure of what types of services they are offering.

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