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Having your identity stolen can create complications that follow you through a lifetime. Getting activities removed from your credit history because your identity was stolen is complicated. You will probably need to file a police report and individually challenge every fraudulent activity. You may not even be aware that your identity has been used by someone else until you are turned down for a loan or start receiving debt-collection phone calls. Unfortunately, with the sophistication of modern hackers and identity thieves, no one can guarantee that your identity will never be stolen, but with Identity IQ you can take every step to keep your identity secure, catch potential thefts when they occur, and mitigate damages if your identity is compromised.

It starts with monitoring. You know your activities, so watching your credit report can help you see if anyone else is using your information. With Identity IQ, you can choose a plan that gives you up to 12 credit reports a year, so you can quickly spot suspicious activity. Of course, you are not the only one monitoring your information. Identity IQ also runs daily credit monitoring and will alert you if there are any suspicious changes, including: change of address, new credit accounts or loans, change of personal information, new judgments, new public records, any new reported delinquencies, and any new credit inquiries. Identity IQ even offers enhanced credit monitoring, which also looks for: changes to authorized card users, when bank cards go over the limit, when retail cards go over the limit, 10 point changes in your TransUnion credit score, closed trade lines, non-medical collections, an increase or decrease in collection balances, new charge-offs, lost or stolen card reports, paid trade lines, paid collections, and new foreclosures.

One of the biggest benefits of Identity IQ is its dark web monitoring feature. The dark web is like the internet for criminals and it is there that identity thieves buy and sell other people’s personal information. With dark web monitoring, Identity IQ looks for personal information like your name, mailing address, and social security number and notifies you if any of the information you supply shows up on the dark web. In addition to looking for use of your credit, Identity IQ monitors internationally to see if your identity is being used to commit frauds or criminal activity.

No one can promise to keep you safe from all potential identity theft. However, Identity IQ can make your information safer and help you prevent losses or damage to your reputation.

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